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Bhaktapur after the earthquake

Morning of April 30, I am slowly starting to be late to the airport. Check in for my plane must have been just started. I am getting nervous, because I really don’t want to leave this place.

My backpack became much lighter: half of my things I threw into rubbish. Also I left my sleeping bag, jacket and raincoat. I asked Jetendra to take it for humanitarian aid. Than I ran out into the street, where I didn’t see any cars, but luckily I met Olya and Andrew. They helped me to bring a backpack, caught a taxi and even donated some biscuits and juice for me.

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earthquake Nepal, balandzu, Kathmandu earthquake, Kathmandu damages, землетрус в Непалі, українці в Непалі, знищення після землетрусу в Катманду

Kathmandu after the earthquake. Part2

I set down to take a pill for the stomach at one of the streets of the Kathmandu. I was waiting to feel better, when a huge car with Nepalese army turned to my street and blocked the road. In this moment a local guy passed near me on an old Honda motorbike. Because of the blocked street he had to go back. I turned my had and saw him standing just near me. “Where are you from, what are you doing here, why did you come here, it’s dangerous, you shouldn’t be here now”… He was asking and I explained “why” and “for what”.

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Sweet memories about Georgia

This spring I visited a place that has changed a lot in my life, a place that stayed forever in my heart, a place where I dream to come back. I still have not written a report about Georgia because I lack the words for the first time. Today Olya published a soulful Video Report about our trip, so I have to share it.

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Wishlist 2014

This year I completed my wishlist for nearly at 50%. Probably, i spent a lot of money on trips and very different things (and I don’t regret about it). Now it’s almost end of the year and it’s time to look at some pretty pictures and write a new one wishlist.

So, in 2014 I want to get:

1) Canon eos 6d

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